Gnews Flash From Gary Gnu


Hello there, Great Space Coaster fans! This is Gary Gnu, of the No Gnews Is Good Gnews show. I would like to share with you some very interesting developments regarding The Great Space Coaster.

If you are reading this, chances are you remember The Great Space Coaster show from your childhood. If you do not know the show, don’t worry, just stay tuned because someday you may be able to say that you, too, watched this show.

Tanslin Media has recently acquired the rights to The Great Space Coaster. If you have already read the top of this website, you will understand why they cannot release it on DVD yet. If you did not read the top of this website, it probably means that one of my gnutty crew formatted it all wrong!

Tanslin Media wants to revive the show! This means they want to bring back many of your favorite characters (including yours truly) and share brand gnew stories about them with all of you! Gnow, it is not as easy as you think to get a show produced, so Tanslin Media asked me to come up with a plan. Here is my plan so far:

Buy a camera and editing equipment (will need some help! After all, I have been unemployed since 1986!)

Buy some friends. I mean, hire a gnifty crew to help me.

Broadcast a gnew Gary Gnu No Gnews show on the internet.

Become an overnight sensation and get everyone talking and blogging about me and my show.

Once the gnetworks see how much everyone likes the Gary Gnu No Gnews Show, they will want to expand it into a full-fledged TV show. With a real television budget, I can bring back some old friends and we can make a gnew version of The Great Space Coaster!

But first things first, we gneed to save the shows from the 1980s before the tapes fall apart. Then we can work on my comeback!